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Meet history and missions our firm.


We are wholesalers of top quality fresh fruits and vegetables. The produce is sourced from all EU countries such as Spain, Italy, France and Germany. We have been enjoying a longstanding, on-going cooperation with our reliable suppliers, therefore we can guarantee the highest quality of fresh produce. To meet the requirements of our customers we constantly develop and creatively search for new suppliers. We are committed to offer a full line of fruits and vegetables of the highest quality.



Our strategy is based on longstanding, on-going cooperation with reliable suppliers. Thus we can guarantee the highest quality of fresh fruits and vegetables.


Recognising and meeting their requirements, we provide our customers with fruits and vegetables of the highest quality.


The emphasis is placed firmly on the consistency and reliability of our service while maintaining competitive prices.

We do not buy fruits and vegetables of the domestic production!


AMPOL is well-equipped with advanced cold storage sited on Wrocław fruits and vegetables exchange TARGPIAST. Is is perfectly suited for storing fruits and vegetables in proper temperature. Our well - trained staff with clearly assigned duties, acts fast and efficiently. We pride ourselves in maintaining a steady team of trusted personnel with many years of experience in working with fresh produce.